Coaching is a very rewarding and fulfilling profession and receiving positive feedback from my clients is ‘the cherry on top’.  It is for me a tangible confirmation that I am meaningfully living my purpose in helping others realise a better future.  If you would like to share your experience of having me walk the coaching journey with you, I would welcome your feedback – it may serve to inspire others to take that first step to connect to their purpose for a more rewarding future.

Thank you so much for truly special and inspiring workshop. You have a gift to create a safe environment where ppl can express themselves and not be afraid to learn more and grow. Our business already is lighter and brighter because of your inspiration. I cannot thank you enough.

Esta-Marita Opperman – SeaSky Villa Management 

What makes Steven exceptional is his specialized or rather individualized view to coaching. It is clear that he has a 6th sense and is quickly able to identify growth areas. What I find interesting is that he then guide’s you to self-identify the growth area and implement accountability strategies to bring change. We will continue to see Steven as a valuable asset in our continued mission to chase each of our (not small) goals. We highly recommend the investment of Dare2Be Coaching.”

– Jean-Pierre Roux

 Firebird BlueStar

My expectation was met and even more. I wanted to discover my purpose and at the end I started to learn more about myself. Why I am who I am, what are my strengths, what shall I focus on to be happy and become a better me. It helped me understand my uniqueness and why people appreciate working with me.
So now that I have this understanding, I can work on it, build on it and become a better me.

I would recommend your coaching to others and I don’t see what else you could do differently. It was already great experience for me.

Thanks for helping me working on me.

Antonio Aversente

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Science Solutions)

Paris – France


If your company, like ours works with divisions or in a team format with managers, I would strongly recommend Steven Levy. My partner and I started with individual sessions with him that developed into partnerships sessions. By understanding ourselves better, we could understand each other better. Identifying our strong points, we could work even more efficient than we did in the past. Magic starts to happen when managers become leaders. Since then we have had team sessions as well, all adding to the magic. Steven, thank you for adding value to Firebird BlueStar.

Conrad Koorts CFP® , Firebird BlueStar

“Working with Steven has been a life changing experience for me. His coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of myself and where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there”.

Pieter Theron

Lucas Dysel Crouse

I Have approached Steven to help guide myself, office manager Lezaan, and then the rest of the team towards working better as a team and as individuals improve their own confidence and then as a result their ability to take ownership of their positions in the business.

Steven did an excellent job and still is, with his ability to tap into each staff members personality, strength and weakness, and using this to empower them to become better versions of themselves.

Myself and the other team members could almost immediately experience positive change in Lezaan and her leadership skills. She immediately started to take accountability in her role that lead to better motivation, encouragement and direction for the rest of the team.

Myself and Lezaan’s relationship also improved because of better on the level communications rather than top down as in the past.

In short the outcome of the coaching sessions exceeded my expectations by far.

Billy Phillips


Since I worked with Steven my interpersonal skills have improved greatly.

He has assisted me in finding inner strength.

He has especially helped me with crises management and developing my strong points.

My management skills have improved vastly as a result of Stevens coaching.

I will recommend Steven and Dare to Be Coaching to any individual or company that would like to see significant change in themselves and their business.

Lezaan Maree


When I started my coaching journey with Steven I was depleted and was on the verge of closing my business.

Throughout our sessions there has been improvements each time we met, he was a great sounding board and made sure I received the tools I need to make the decisions best for me.

Steven’s passion, insight and patience as a coach made it possible for me to gain awareness, insight and new-found passion for my business.

I refer and recommend Steven’s coaching to anyone in need of direction and guidance.

Corlette Kunz

Owner, Virtual Business Administrations Solutions

was recommended to Steven Levy by a colleague, after a discussion we had regarding reaching a crossroads in life.

During the course of my sessions with Steven, I became aware that the ‘Destination’ I originally was heading for, was not reached via a simple straightforward road – in fact there were many detours and even a change of direction! 

My Executive coaching took on a shape of its own – I felt I couldn’t call it Executive coaching any longer – it was far more than that! Of course! It was pure ‘Life coaching’ which reflected all facets of my Life back at me … until I was able to see beyond my outer issues, and look within.

This awakening created a new awareness in me – I felt lighter, free-er, happier and closer to finding answers within myself that would lead me to choose the direction forward that was right for ME at that precise time of my Life’s journey.

I had ARRIVED at a place that I seriously had not anticipated when I started out, and I’m LOVING it!

Jo Attenborough

Professional Practitioner in Real Estate , Seeff Country – Witsand

As business consultant and co-owner of the MCA Group, I recognize the importance of life coaching to ALL levels of staffing and people from all walks of life. I nominated Luanne Peterson from our company and can happily report as follows – I immediately noticed a massive change in her attitude towards herself, her peers, our clients and to life. Thanks Steve – I have referred clients and direct family members, with the same results and will continue to do so.

Trevor McLaughlin

Owner, MCA Group

Steven is a man of integrity. I respect him for who he is, helpful, kind and a love for everyone. Always sees the best in people. I will always have a grateful heart. Steven helped my grandson Justin realize his strengths and weaknesses and to Dare2Be. Justin has gained so much confidence and the World is His Oyster.

Thank you Steven for impacting his life

Vanessa Paulse


My experience of Steven is, that he is a genuinely good, kind man who has his clients best interest at heart. Many coaches speak from ‘books’, Steven has the experience to back his work

Mimi Rupp

Owner, Smart Stone Port Elizabeth

“Steven walked with me on a coaching journey to improve my business and grow my insight in my client relationships. He has changed the way I do business and has contributed to great change in my company. If you need someone to assist you in reaching the next level, I can highly recommend Steven”.

Nikita Van Zyl

Founder & Lead Architectural Desginer, ModH Design

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